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About Me

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I am a seasoned clinician who became a licensed clinical social worker after spending many years in leadership positions at two large top-tier healthcare systems. I am the owner of one of the largest multi-site mental health practices in the Mid-Atlantic region, Partners in Health and Wellbeing, which has over 16,000 patient visits per year. In addition to being a clinician, I am a researcher on substance use disorders, the therapeutic use of cannabis on mental health, and an adjunct professor at NYU Silver School of Social Work and Hunter College’s Silberman School of Social Work.  I am an internationally known speaker and provide consultation related to substance use to states with medical cannabis programs.

In my clinical work, I blend an eclectic set of skills that combine Buddhist psychological approaches like mindfulness with cognitive approaches aimed at creating neuroplastic changes in the brain. 

I have worked over the years to discover what evidence-based practices are most helpful to one’s growth. My own personal experiences with Buddhist psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience have framed my own therapeutic approach. By learning how to relate to one’s emotions, learning to observe one’s experiences without judgement, clients often find freedom from old dysfunctional reactions that have kept them stuck. 

Learning to re-train one’s thoughts, one’s brain, and embracing the science of neuroplasticity has become a hallmark of my therapy practice with clients. I work diligently with my patients to help them identify their underlying core beliefs and how they are limiting their own experience of happiness. I also have a background in philosophy and enjoy taking my patients on a journey of self-discovery. I use evidence-based practices to help patients find their own strengths.

Compassion and wisdom are at the core of my approach, but, I also aspire to help patients find the fierceness of strength that helps one realize their own power to change. My goal is to help my patients realize that one’s strength comes from within. We all have power; we all have this strength. Sometimes, we just don’t realize it….. yet.

I invite you to go on this journey with me. I invite you to see how I can help you find contentment, clarity and the strength that resides within. 

About My Practice

Mindfulness Couples Therapy CBT Stress Therapist  Psychotherapy NOMAD Manhattan New York NY Therapy

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have had the opportunity to help many people find the power they have to live in fulfillment and create positive change in their lives.  I consider it my privilege to work with my patients and to bear witness to the growth they find from therapy. I have always thought that therapy is a gift that allows one’s inner strength to emerge; with openness and directness, my patients discover their ability to create positive change. 

Prior to becoming a licensed therapist, I worked as an executive for a nonprofit and large reputable healthcare organizations, with the most recent being the University of Pennsylvania Health System. My executive and business experience has allowed me to provide unique insights with patients struggling with business and career issues. In addition, I have extensive experience working with patients with sexual-related issues, trauma, anxiety, personality disorders, and cannabis-assisted psychotherapy. I am not a passive therapist and often find that my patients prefer my direct, empowering and yet compassionate approach. My work is based on providing people with empathetic care while teaching them to harness their inner strengths from within.


My approach to therapy is centered on the patient combining my experience in mindfulness, gestalt and cognitive approaches. I believe that the relationship between the therapist and patient is the key to success. The relationship and trust that develops during therapy will guide your progress and it is so important to find the “right fit.”

I also believe that our life is a journey, and therapy can be a great way to explore how to relate to life’s uncertainties in a healthy manner

Why Am I Different?

DBT CBT Eating Disorders Mindfulness Psychologist Psychotherapy NOMAD Manhattan New York NY Therapy

I help my patients reach happiness and emotional freedom. With a mindfulness-based approach to therapy along with incorporating latest research from evidence-based practices and neuroscience, my clients learn to harness their strengths to create more satisfaction in their lives. I encourage not only introspection, but I also provide proven tools that are effective in coping with life on life’s terms. It is my goal to help patients find empowerment through mindful change using effective mindfulness-based psychotherapy. 

I also work with patients with medical cannabis cards who are interested in using cannabis and hemp-based products in their treatment. I provide a balanced approach that is informative while focused on using cannabis as an adjunctive therapy to maximize cannabis therapeutically while helping clients to minimize the threat of developing cannabis use disorder (CUD).

I build on my expertise as a cannabis researcher and therapist to help patients live their life to the fullest. 

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